The new world of wireless monitoring

DXTA have developed a wireless based monitoring system for conveyor system pulleys and rollers that in real time gives you an early warning of potential component failures. You are provided with a web based dashboard for analysing potential issues and warnings are sent via SMS, email or both

Reduced Downtime

Conveyor downtime directly impacts a company’s bottom line, knowing which pulleys and rollers to replace when scheduled maintenance occurs will reduce downtime due to unexpected failures. The DXTA system will provide a detailed schedule of which rollers to replace and their location.

Real-Time Monitoring

Knowing when a roller or pulley might be going to fail would improve the cost effectiveness of conveyors significantly. The monitoring system runs 24/7 and generates realtime alerts displayed via a traffic light system on a web based dashboard.

Stock Control

The DXTA system will build a list of roller stock codes and their location requiring replacement ensuring that the necessary stock can be available when a scheduled maintenance shutdown occurs.

Proactive Maintenance

By identifying rollers with potential issues the maintenance program becomes more proactive. The DXTA system learns over time what constitutes potential issues allowing roller replacement to be based on actual performance issues rather than how long it has been installed.

Reduced OHS Risk

The DXTA system can reduce the need for employees to expose themselves to OHS risks as the monitoring is done without human intervention.

Data Analysis

All data used to generate the web based dashboard is stored in an industry standard database allowing further analysis and reporting on issues identified. We can also develop interfaces to link directly with clients ERP systems if required.

About DXTA

DXTA was founded in 2017. The company was founded to market a remote real-time warning system for conveyor system pulleys and rollers which assists in predicting failures. An online dashboard is provided for customer that allows them to login and see in real-time the status and receive SMS alerts when potential issues are identified.

The people behind this technology have extensive experience in the conveyor industry having designed, supplied and maintained conveyor system for over 25 years. Their experience has allowed them to design and build the DXTA monitoring so it is easy to fit to existing conveyor systems without having to redesign or change the types of rollers and pulleys used.

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Our Technology

DXTA supplies and installs the complete wireless monitoring system on the customers site. The DXTA system combines sensors, smart mesh communications and cloud based technologies to deliver real time information to maintenance and engineering teams to prevent disruption in productivity and additional costs due to rotating component failures.

Data from the sensors is analysed and presented initially as a series of early warning traffic lights on a web based dashboard. Indepth reporting can also be provided across all rotating components monitored. Analysis of the sensor data allows us to predict failures up to 13 weeks before they occur.

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